Divided voters still focus on economy

AP-GfK Poll: Divided voters still focus on economy

It’s not Obama care’s or climate change.

It’s not yet terrorism or fear of the Islamic State group.

Those issues are on the minds of voters as they begin casting ballots in this year’s midterm elections

Nothing matters to American voters as much the economy.



If this in fact is true, why would there be a single vote for this governor the one that has for 3 1/2 years taken from and blocked every attempt we the voters have tried at improving the economy of we the people, this state and our country?

We already know why the millionaires, billionaires and northern rich transplants will vote for their kind, I am just completely in awe over why the poor, middle-class and small business owners will also vote for more of the same,

“take from the poor and give to the rich”

isn’t that a little backwards?

It is astounding how blatantly the Republican party is giving massive amounts of money to the richest people in our country while asking for “sacrifice” from the poorest and most needy.

And we just take it and beg for more of the same


A workable idea


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