I agree that in any agreement/disagreement there is always two sides to the conversation, what I cannot understand however, is why newspapers keep allowing this Narcissistic person to take up valuable space in print?

He is trying to convince the reading public that the problem with Congress is the Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid?

The Senate has 53 Democrats, 45 Republicans, and 2 Independents, in order to pass most laws through the United States Senate you need 60%, the Republicans in Congress let alone the senate, will not vote for anything that the senate brings to the flood for a vote, so how to get anything passed?

It is impossible, yet guest Columnist Russ Sloan is only blaming Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid?


Because Russ Sloan is also a republican, that’s why.

You cannot pass many bills if 45 senators always vote no?

What about also picking on the House of Representative?

The ratio of democrats to republicans in the 2014 US House?

Membership 435 Member, 5 Delegates,1 Resident, Commissioner

Party Divisions

233 Republicans

199 Democrats

0 Independents

3 Vacancies

Sloan states, ” The failure of Congress to act on bills could be due to either the House or Senate or both. But the data I have gathered shows that the House has passed 300plus bills this year compared to the Senate’s 70plus bills”

If he as correct and I have my doubts, 250 of those passed bills were either to impeach the president for doing his job, something lacking in congress and the rest were bills geared to make the rich richer and the poor/middleclass poorer and they were not passed through the senate.


The editorial in the Sept. 25 issue of The Daily Commercial

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