New pavilion on Lake Dora for special events

Tavares boasts new pavilion on Lake Dora for special events, weddings


There is a newly completed 8,000 square foot pavilion on Lake Dora in Tavares that will be used as a wedding venue and for other events.

The pavilion holds a little under 200 people per floor. There is a full kitchen, bride and groom dressing rooms and a place for the reception.

Weddings will start at about $800 to reserve during the week and between $2,000 to $3,000 for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The grand opening ceremony will be on Oct. 11.

Built on the backs of Florida taxpayers to be used by the High End Clients, no input from the public however, the public around the area can never afford to use it!

Tavares officials defend Pavilion on the Lake cost overruns

“This type of pavilion is not an institutional building. It is a fantastic draw for a high-end client,” Councilman Norm Hope said. “I know of no other facility like this in Central Florida. It will be a first-class facility.”

February 23, 2013|By Ludmilla Lelis, Orlando Sentinel

TAVARES — City Council members this week unanimously approved an additional $2.7 million loan for cost overruns and upgrades for the Pavilion on the Lake, which now has a revised $6.3 million price tag.

The latest entrepreneurial project for the downtown area, the pavilion will be a two-story building at the end of a 150-foot pier on Lake Dora and will be marketed for weddings and business meetings. However, the original $3.3 million estimate has ballooned with cost overruns from unforeseen problems with the pilings, as well as several upgrades, officials said.


And “fancy” is rather an understatement. The price tag was $2.9 million more than originally budgeted.


Councilman Norm Hope told a reporter that the facility will be “first-class” and a “fantastic draw for a high-end client.”

He’s right.

For a change, someone is building something in Lake County that isn’t pared down, uglied up and utterly hopeless. Nobody will be mistaking the Pavilion on the Lake for public housing in Russia. This little girl’s pink tulle skirt and satin ribbons will be plumped down on the lakefront, where she’ll reign for years to come.

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