If it’s good for Charles and David Koch

If it’s good for Charles and David Koch, it will be devastating to the country and the world, guaranteed!


Koch-backed group builds political machine!

The Koch brothers do not spend millions of dollars of  their money unless they plan on getting billions back!

If these three are for something  Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla along with the Koch Brothers,

“Hide your Wallets!”


This group scuttled efforts to raise taxes to build a downtown campus for the well-regarded zoo in Columbus, Ohio, and derailed plans in Florida’s Legislature to subsidize improvements to the Miami Dolphins’ football stadium.

It helped fend off a recall effort against Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., and pushed pro-business workplace laws in Michigan and Indiana.

It didn’t shy away from going after traditional allies, as was the case when Gov. Rick Scott, R-Fla., briefly considered expanding Medicaid, a core component of Obama’s health care law.

Americans for Prosperity mobilized supporters, the Republican-led Legislature quickly rejected the idea and Scott dropped his proposal.


It’s a strategy playing out in New England diners, Midwest truck stops and West Coast cafes: conservative organizers train and send out thousands of volunteers

They are the backbone of Americans for Prosperity, helping fellow activists shift America’s politics to the right the flagship organization of the political network backed by industrialist billionaires Charles and David Koch.



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