“naval suasion.”

China to use ‘naval suasion’ to defeat US sea power: expert

The first thing that we must remember is to never believe an ‘expert’ and for sure one speaking for our military or our government!

Anybody care to guess where the Chinese government got the knowledge to build their war machines?

Yes, for the most part, by hook or by crook as the saying goes however, truth be known, we handed it to then in the beginning by allowing their children to take over our schools and university while denying this right to our own children and by allowing their using the money that we spent buying their cheap junk products instead of proven good quality American Union Made products!

We have been doing so after every war that this country has ever been it?


Dr Robert Ross, professor of political science at Boston College, estimates that the PLA Navy is likely to have 70 submarines by the year 2020, a number Global Asia, a magazine based in South Korea, reported earlier this month.

Of those 70 subs, Ross said that 63 will be nuclear- or diesel-powered attack boats to challenge US sea power in the region. He pointed out that not only warships and submarines but also land-based anti-ship missiles and aircraft have been mobilized to carry out this grand strategy. But this may be more saber rattling than anything else, as China is most likely trying to defeat US naval power in East Asia with “naval suasion.”

Persuasion as opposed to force or compulsion

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