No name un-less I get permission.

Another great question from a follower.

I truly love my follower, if they disagree with me they tend to just smile and go on to the next persons post, or they comment and ask good questions, many even click the ‘like button.’

Thank you for your comment.

This is a tremendous question and I believe that many do not know the answer?

The person or person telling you this about the country being only a two party country, has not been political savvy for over a hundred years!

My Grandfather was always an Independent.


It is our fault!

Every person in this country that throws up their hands in discuss and does not vote is to blame for the corruption in our government, EVERYONE!

Because we did not pay attention, crooked rich, not all but enough, used their lobbyists to pay crooked politician to change our laws from protecting the people to protecting their pocketbooks!

The reason why we keep voting in the same Dirt Bags as you put it and why we only vote in from two of the political parties is a long sneaky trip back in time, so to speak my friend and I might add why I keep hopping on this type of a start ‘back to out future’!

Simple reason is that, while we were sleeping at the controls, both parties wrote in laws, still are writing then today, that effectively cut the rest of the parties out of elections!

To top that off, the millionaires and billionaires keep buying elections from those two corrupt parties in order to steal more of our hard earned tax money!

This started, I believe, when we the people allowed them to sneak in a law stating that, “if you are not register as a Democrat or Republican”, you cannot vote in a ‘Mid-term election,’ this my friend is socialist, communist at its finest, and we the people allowed them to get away with it!

Please help spread the word, we need to start back where our for-fathers left off, but first we must dump the millionaires and billionaires puppet and take the lesser of the two evils?

It is a start my friends, it is a start!


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2 thoughts on “No name un-less I get permission.

  1. Permission granted my friend 🙂 and here are my thoughts about this

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