When is it OK to tell a lie?

Well, when is it OK to tell 6 lies in a false statements in sworn depositions as part of a federal lawsuit?

“Just Asking”?

How about, when you are a Police Chief in Fruitland Park Florida?

Police chief won’t face prosecution

FRUITLAND PARK -STEVE FUSSELL -Special to the Daily Commercial

State Attorney Richard Ridgeway has declined to prosecute Fruitland Park Police Chief Terry Isaacs for making false statements in sworn depositions as part of a federal lawsuit.

In a memo dated Oct. 7 addressed to Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent Bill Lee, Ridgeway wrote that his office

“will take no action in the matter.”

The investigation was launched last year after former City Commissioner Jim Richardson filed formal complaints with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s investigators turned the matter over to the FDLE.

Lee’s investigative summary concluded that Isaacs made six statements during the depositions that were false and

“there is no evidence to indicate Chief Isaacs should have believed them to be true.”

In Ridgeway’s reply to Lee he wrote,

“I do not feel there is a reasonable likelihood that a jury would see the case in a light such that a conviction would result.”

Ridgeway was unavailable for further comment Thursday.

Richardson’s complaint included several allegations, but focused on actions by Isaacs during Richardson’s 2012 re-election campaign.

Isaacs was pictured in a television news report just days before the election waving a placard that accused Richardson of leaking the name of an alleged sex abuse victim. The sex abuse allegation led to the resignation of City Manager Ralph Bowers last year.

The city later paid $160,000 to settle a civil suit brought by the alleged abuse victim, and paid $150,000 last October to settle a civil suit Richardson filed in February, 2013 over those same allegations.


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