Quit blaming Bush-Quit blaming Obama



Mr. forgetful Zook of the Villages Florida the Republican strong hold!

We the thinking public outside of your little corner in fantasy land are more than willing to stop placing blame on the past administration as soon as people like you stop blaming this president for the past presidents two war blunders?

a little refresher from your school history, you did go the school I presume?

In this free country of ours, yours and mine, there is still 3 branches of the Federal Government and this is to help protect the people from a communistic government however, when one of those branches spends the last two of those six years sitting on their hands,

the other two branches of our government will need to stumble along as best they can, so help me help you by getting your branch of this government (the Republican House) off their butt’s and back to work?

Does the Benghazi killings jog your memory Mr. Zook?

This government asked the senator if help was wanted and he said NO!

Your letter Mr. Zook is full of holes.

Again those on the left want to put the blame for President Barack Obama’s failure back on the last administration. Come on all of you in the Democratic Party or left-winger’s. You can’t be that blind or stupid.

Obama was gonna do everything, from stopping winter storms to the raising of the sea levels when he got elected, and he has done next to nothing. And in each case he has gotten cover for his failures as a leader from not only the mainstream media, but from people like you. But you are always quick to shift blame back to President George W. Bush.

Obama has been in office now for over six years. Don’t you think it is time to admit that he and his policies are abject failures at every level? This president has overstepped his constitutional limits on several issues and failed to fulfill his constitutional mandates on many others. Do the Benghazi killings jog your memory?

This president failed to act in that situation, and as a result four Americans died. Our image in world politics could very well be permanently damaged as a result of his lack of leadership.

He has illegally stopped an American company — Boeing — from opening a new plant (through federal wage and labor board appointments) because they had the audacity to think they had the legal right to open a plant in a right-to-work state.

GARY A. ZOOK | Fruitland Park


And I might add not working!

Mr. forgetful Zook of the Villages Florida the Republican strong hold!

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