Obama immigration

Obama immigration plan good, not great for economy

Many big long articles written in the last 15 to 20 hour going into details on just how weak the presidents immigration plan is and how much better to would be if he worked with congress.

Say What?

Is it just me or has all of our news reporters been sleeping for the last 6 or more years?

Every day for the past 6 years our president has been asking, Na! sometimes begging congress to do something, anything, falling on deaf ears, what is wrong with our media,

‘that is besides the obvious of course’!

First they say,

“if he worked with congress, it would have been better”?

(Congress refuses to word guys)!

Then they say that,

“if the house had passed the senate bill it would have been better”?

(The House of Representatives is the main reason why congress does not work people)!

Along with the Congressional Budget Office, independent economists say growth would be much stronger with a broader overhaul that would more than double the number of illegal workers eligible for legalized status, in addition to reforms that would attract high-skilled immigrant workers who are more likely to lead and found new companies.

The Senate passed a measure last year to fix the immigration system, but it stalled in the Republican-majority House that favored a step-by-step approach. The CBO estimated the Senate-backed reform would have added another 0.33 percent annually to GDP growth.


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