First rock landing in Space Coast history could happen soon

Dish Networks WESH Channel 2 Dan Billow reporting, Historic Landing Planned McGregor Texas.

Never mind rocket launches, the first rocket landing in Space Coast history is a couple of weeks away,

if things work out.

I say,

“The saving on reclaimed parts are in the millions however, to me and I am hoping to you is this is not the best news.”

“We have been able to land on the Moon, Mars and an Asteroid, now we should also be able to take off also.”

December 16th with a newly outfitted landing setup,

Cape carnival hanger Space X Rocket Falcon 9 rocket is planning on landing on a converted Oil Drilling Barge.

Not only can we land on the moon and/or other planets, we can take samples back to Earth.

After perfecting this, we can land people on planets and then they jump back on board and fly back to Earth.

What’s next?

Build cars that fly into space and back again?

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