Sonny Heninger of Leesburg Florida has the right idea!

GOP has the power now

Sonny Heninger of Leesburg Florida has the right idea!

Mr. Heninger is a Republican, by the way, if you are interested?

I did need to do a little cleaning up however, a few good idea’s.

“Were Republicans elected to work with Obama or were they elected to stop Obama?”

Do you think both sides of the political isle will work together for America’s republic or do you think “gridlock” will continue to be the status quo in Washington?”

“What were the plans of Republicans if they took control of both houses of Congress?”

“I haven’t read of any plans, Have you?”

“Exit polls showed the economy was number one with voters”.

“People are concerned about their jobs.”

In 1994, after being the minority party for 40 years, Republican politicians embraced conservative ideals they called the

‘Contract with America’,

“It got them control of both houses of Congress.”

Republicans are in the same position as back in 1994.

“If Republican politicians don’t want Hillary for president in 2016 they had better come up with another contract with America, and they had better do it fast.”

In case you had forgotten what that contract was about, here are a few of the conservative ideals that most of America would still embrace today, but not all politicians:

(An amendment to the Constitution that would require a balanced budget).

(An amendment to the Constitution that would impose 12-year term limits on both houses of Congress).

(Reduce capital gains and corporate taxes to bring corporations back to America,

which in turn would bring manufacturing jobs back to America).

(Introduce “loser pays” laws that would reduce frivolous law suits.

Welfare reform).

(There’s only one — power).

“I think you get the idea?”

I now remind Sonny Heninger of Leesburg Florida, that they did none of the above?

In fact, they did nothing at all good for the working class!

To remain in power, Republicans must come up with a plan to put people back to work, attempt to pass legislation to support that plan.

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