Charles Barkley

Finely a human able to study all sides before jumping into the pool.

I enjoyed watching Charles Barkley’s play in sports (basketball).

I loved listening to him analyze games and I like the way he is not afraid to speak his mind even if it goes against public opinion.

We never talk about race until something bad happens

He doesn’t believe that white cops are out to shoot black people because of racism.

Barkley called for dialogue, and not just after a controversial incident like the Michael Brown shooting.

“We never discuss race in this country until something bad happens,”

he said.

And even then it usually reflects a “tribe mentality.”

“Everybody wants to protect their own tribe, whether they are right or wrong,” he said.

Barkley, who has had several of his own run-ins with police, lamented that there are too many communities that call for cops to come in and clean up the neighborhood, then cry racial profiling when they do and something happens.

Charles, this goes for politics also, we never vote for the correct person, we always vote along party lines, and still we complain?

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