Egypt is now a long way from the Arab Spring

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Why are we still beating an ‘Old Dead Horse’?

Please stop finger pointing and start working together to heal this country and the world?

Instead of blaming the administration of President Barack Obama for not being

“The Whizzed of OZ, all knowing, all seeing,

it might be a better idea to point your poison pens at our government,

all of our government to immediately stop all money to all

countries like Egypt, countries making billions of dollars selling oil?

Egypt is now a long way from the Arab Spring

Egypt has come full circle on government and gone back to full military rule, with its courts, supported by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, having dropped all charges against former President Hosni Mubarak.

One of the charges against Mubarak was his role in ordering Egypt’s security forces to shoot demonstrators when the Arab Spring was in full bloom in 2011.

Al-Sisi’s government is now shooting protesters as well, and the implications of continued prosecution of Mubarak, a fellow former military officer who became president, could become unfortunate for Sisi in the future.

A shameful aspect of the whole circle of military to democratic then back to military rule in Egypt is the role of the United States. The administration of President Barack Obama first hailed the birth of democracy in Egypt, the departure of Mubarak as president and the election of Mohamed Morsi, head of the Muslim Brotherhood as president in 2012. Then the White House decided that Morsi was too Islamic as well as inept at governing. It was first lukewarm on then Gen. Sisi’s overthrow of the democratically elected government, but later moved to embrace him, abandoning all threats of reductions in aid.

Egypt receives about $1.5 billion each year from the United States, most of it in military aid.

The first pretext that Washington used not to cut that support, even though the Morsi government had been replaced in a military coup (an act that should have cost Egypt its aid under U.S. law), was that the money was used to reimburse American companies that made the military equipment and other help that Egypt received.

Then the United States recognized as democratic the 2014 elections that moved Sisi from field marshal to president, even though he received a suspicious 96 percent of the votes. Now he has completed the dubious circle, with the United States still on board.

The irony is that by dropping the prosecution of Mubarak, Sisi is still unlikely to end the demonstrations against his government, instigated by underground militant Islamic groups, or the rebellion against his rule in the Sinai peninsula, which has a critical border with Israel.

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