Our Media Reporters hard at work


Our Media Reporters hard at work


“What do you think is a possible solution to problems like Ferguson, Missouri”?

John Q Public

“More Black Cops in predominately Black Neighborhoods”?


The Mouse

“Body Cameras for every cop”.


I say, “even out all of our police departments, by this I mean, add as many qualified

‘Indigenous People’

to our Police Departments”.

Every police person must have a body camera and it must be turned on.

If there is a dispute and the camera is not on the police person, and filming an incident, that person must be fired or re-schooled at his or her expense.

The police must get out of their cars and do more mingling with the public, it other words face to face and handshake to handshake.

Have you seen our police?

The majority could not catch a Gopher Turtle even if we gave them a head start!

A picture is worth a thousand word however, friendship knows no boundaries.

That said, if and/or when a person commits a crime, especially a repeat offended, the public, all of the public must use their heads for something other than a hat rack and allow the police to do their job.


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