What is a ‘Turkey Society’?


Well, every town, city, state and country in the world call it a ‘Pork Barrel’, that is except Florida?


A political promise is intended to be a golden egg...Which is kept in a pork barrel and after an election...Hatches into a dead duck before...it turns invisible so it can quietly vanish.

Florida calls the waste spending “Budget Turkey”?


A place to hide excessive spending!


A ‘Turkey Society’ is a large group of people in any country that allows Rich people,

I use the term (people) loosely,

to pay a lot of money to Rich Lobbyist, to pay a large amount of money to Rich Politicians, to deceit the public into electing them into office every two to four years


so that they can hand those same public voters hard-earned tax money over to the ‘Rich People’ paying those greasy lobbyist to bribe those rich politicians to do so!


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