Gun shoppers pull trigger

Firearm sales explode to near-record highs as holidays approach

AUSTIN FULLER | Staff Writer

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services reports

1.34 million concealed- weapon or firearm licenses in the state as of Nov. 30.

Guns don’t kill people, People kill People, no People with Guns kill People however, people in cars in Florida are also killing people.

In Florida every day someone sprays a house with bullets and/or someone holds up a store or pistol whips a person at an ATM.

Every evening after the bars close, someone or someone’s, runs down a person or two and keeps on driving.

So the answer is

YES, people with and people without guns kill people.

The ratio between the police killing people and people killing people is something like 3000 to 1

and yet, we do not see people protesting against people carrying guns killing people or people killing people with cars?

Black Friday Gun Sales Set Background Check Record

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