The lunacy of guns on campus

At some point, our country might finally realize that the solution to gun violence is not more guns.

A gunman opened fire Nov. 20 at Florida State’s library, shooting and wounding three people. Police officers shot and killed the gunman, 31-yearold Myron May, shortly after the incident.

Library employee Nathan Scott, who was shot in the leg, is part of a group called Students for Concealed Carry.

Last week, the group cited the shooting in calling for concealed weapons to be allowed on state university campuses. The NRA’s Tallahassee lobbyist, Marion Hammer, told the Miami Herald that she hopes to have a “thoughtful, deliberative” conversation on the subject when the Legislature reconvenes.

“We’re not going to rush into it emotionally, like a lot of people do after a tragedy,” Hammer said. “But the reality is, there is a ban of guns on campus, and that did not stop an attacker. The law never stops the bad guy. It only stops the good guys from being able to protect themselves and others.”

Actually, in this case, a security barrier stopped the bad guy. May was blocked from entering the library by barriers that permit only students and staff inside, The Associated Press reported.

The good guys in this case were local police officers, who responded within two minutes and killed May before he could shoot anyone else.

The idea that arming college kids would make campuses safer defies logic.

State university police chiefs unanimously opposed lifting the ban on firearms on campuses when the proposal came before the Legislature in 2011.

The measure went down to defeat thanks in large part to GOP state Sen. John Thrasher. He cited the story of his friend’s daughter, who was accidentally shot to death in a Florida State fraternity house, in opposing the change.

More guns on campus would make situations such as the Florida State library shooting more dangerous and the jobs of campus police more difficult.

The last thing anyone needs when an active shooter is on campus is gunfire from students or university employees who are well meaning but lack training or experience for dealing with such a threat.

Look around the world: The countries with the lowest rates of gun ownership have the fewest firearm deaths.

One would think mass shootings would wake us up to that fact rather than continue us spiraling in the opposite direction.

From Halifax Media Group.

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4 thoughts on “The lunacy of guns on campus

  1. As someone who has taught at community colleges, 4 year schools where most students commute, and state research universities, I oppose both open and concealed carry for faculty and students. I’ve written a number of pieces on guns, and I personally view any gun as a tool which like any tool has the potential of both helping or harming depending upon the task and usage. I’ve handled weapons since I was a child, but I was taught to respect and comprehend the power of each pistol, rifle, or shotgun I ever used or was around which sadly some today call gun control but I think of such instruction as common sense. Per campuses, on a daily basis I see emotions fly amongst students and even faculty. It might be about a grade, bumping into someone on a sidewalk, a parking spot, or the typical spats which take place with friends or colleagues. My fear is if one had a weapon the possibility of a tragedy taking place escalates exponentially just from the fog of emotions at that time. Often those emotions calm down after just a few minutes, but so much can happen in those minutes. Of course I understand the arguments of what would I do if there was a shooter on campus, but in almost 15 years of teaching in addition to my years in undergraduate and graduate schools as a student I have yet to encounter a shooter or suspected shooter on campus. I cannot, however, count the number of times that I have seen minor confrontations which could have escalated. I’ve also seen a number of physical altercations which if weapons had been available may have ended in tragedy and not simply discomfort. As you eloquently state: “It defies logic” and it also disregards statistics and probability ratios. As I tell close friends, I know for a fact that my cousin knows about gun safety and how to handle his guns and his service record indicates that he is a crack shot whether on a target range or while under fire. He’s a great guy, but he also has a quick temper. I trust him with my life and the life of my loved ones, but I would feel less safe walking beside him if he were packing just to pack and not to do something specifically like shooting a poisonous snake while out fishing. That’s my 2 cents.

    • Thank you for your, always welcome, two cents lablouisianaboy
      Remember, for the last two months or so, I have been taking my better half up 115 miles to her cancer doctors, yesterday a removal of stitches, will be the last for a few months, so sorry for the delay in writing back my friend?
      I would like to post your comment and any comment that you might feel necessary to add to any of my posting, that said, I can only add to this, gangs are in all schools and we do not need another “Shoot-out at the OK corral in our schools”?
      Or, someone with a gun shooting up a school because a car backfires!

  2. Mr. Walkingfox, no need for any apologies Sir. I tend to read so many postings during short breaks waiting for something such as a phone call to complete other responsibilities so I am not logged in and therefore do not “like” or comment upon some excellent writings by yourself and so many others. Interesting how you remarked about a car backfire because this morning I awoke to what I thought was deer hunter but turned out to be a workman’s truck.

    Our best to your better half and kind thoughts and prayers as she travels a path to recovery and healing. Our thoughts and prayers for you also Sir. While you are the one with the wisdom, this young man wants to remind you that while your attention is geared toward her health to take care of yourself and maintain your strength because doing so enables you to assist her even better.

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