If you watch you now know

Central Florida spotlight WFTV with Judge Bevin Perry and Bill Sheaffer

Judge Bevin Perry an African American has 35years in the system.

Attorney Bill Sheaffer has 36 years in the system.

Belvin Perry and Bill Sheaffer make their first joint appearance on WFTV’s ‘Central Florida Spotlight’

“Central Florida Spotlight”

features legal analysts Bill Sheaffer and Belvin Perry at 12:30 p.m.

Sunday 12/21/2014 on WFTV-Channel 9.

It is their first joint appearance on the program hosted by Greg Warmoth.

The law of the land gives leeway to the police only because they must make a split decision on most of their encounters at the scene.

Far too many police have lost their lives or have been injured by waiting too long in their decision to see of someone in armed or not or is going to fight to flee the scene.

And yet, people still want their blood?

They discuss police use-of-force cases and the grand jury system in New York, Ferguson, Mo., and Central Florida.

Perry and Sheaffer offer differing views of the process in Florida.

They also discuss recent court cases, possible changes to stand your ground law in the state and the chances that same-sex marriage could come to Florida next year.


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