Larry, Larry, Larry


Obama is a dictator

Larry, Larry, Larry, if our president is a dictator what would you call G.W Bush?

I agree Larry, that the U.S. Constitution was thrown under the bus and the country is being ruled by dictator’s, we just seem to have a difference of opinion on the 4 S’s, social studies studied in school?

Larry, you did go to school did you not?

You see, Larry, your “Do nothing Congress” is ones that has been throwing the U.S. Constitution under the bus by not doing their jobs for you Larry and the rest of the country and ruling the country as dictator’s.

I also agree Larry that we need to dump the Democrats along with all of your Republicans and start over.

Larry, he followed the immigration laws to the letter, if you do not like the laws of the land, vote in people in congress willing to write new laws, not force our president to use the older laws?

Obama is the most dangerous and destructive president ever.


Obama has thrown the U.S. Constitution under the bus and is ruling as a dictator by delaying the employer mandate of Obamacare.

He ignores immigration laws, refuses to deport illegal immigrants, enacts stricter gun control measures without Congressional legislation, sealed his presidential records, creates czars without authorization and changes pay grades of selected federal employees without authority.

Larry, are you talking about Obama or George W. Bush?

It would seem that you are a little confused as to your presidents?

What is scary is that if Obama rejects authority other than his own, the outcome would depend on the side taken by the military.

Larry, like with two fake wars just to make money, again Larry have you been sleeping for the last 7 1/2 years and still talking Bush years?

Since Obama has taken office, over 200 top military brass have been fired.

I wonder if this Stalin like purge of generals and admirals is a precautionary step taken in advance of a Constitutional crisis.

Don’t you think it’s way past time to dump socialist Democrats? I think it’s time for a breath of fresh air.

It’s time for Ben Carson. Run, Ben, run.


Now I see where you are coming from Larry.

Anyone able to separate two heads will make a great president?

Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson Sr. is an American author and retired neurosurgeon.

He is credited with being the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head.

Let us start with the comic team of the three Bushes?

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