Write your own story

Someone asked a good question yesterday, I know most of my followers ask great question, this was from someone who I have no idea how they got to my blog?

This happens every now and again, I clicked delete because of the language and the way the person asked.

Thinking about this today, why not answer only by write to my followers?

Question cleaned up a little.

Why are you writing about someone’s religion that you know nothing about, write about your own religion.

The person does not read the blog just condemns the writer?

I have been writing about everything that I know or learned from by elders about my people, let’s try once again.

First I do not wish to be pigeonholed into a generic belief by the over used word ‘Religion’.

My ancestor knew our God (Creator, Kiehtan) long before there was a building and (pray) speak to our Creator wherever and whenever possible?

I have always wrote about what I know personally or were told by my elders or elder members of my Grandfathers or my father’s meetings, if for any reason it is not from known sources I let my readers know this and always will.

Still as the saying goes, there was only one perfect person to walk on Mother Earth and we hung him on a cross.

Who we are


I started going to my grandfathers meetings and a few ceremonies at age of 5 or 6?

I never asked that question to him and my father said 5 my mother said 6 and it was soon after my trip through the woods meeting up with Clan Mother Black Bear?


From that first meeting until President Ronald Regan, trying to do the right thing for all of the people in and around Connecticut with land disputes, changed the laws covering our people.

There was ‘never’ more that 26 family members at a meeting of my grandfathers or my father’s?

After this time people were coming from all over the world claiming to be Indian.

We ended up with two casinos, 5 or 6 separate tribes and thousands of family member were born, hatched or cloned because they seemed to be coming out of the woodwork like termites?

As long as you stated that you were from the Mohiigan tribe and agreed to sign away our land and cancel all government to Mohiigan treaties, no matter your race, color, or proof, you became a Casino Indian and allowed to be on a reservation, if you refused to sign you automatically became a ‘Non-Indian’!


Most of the true Traditionalist that signed were later dumped out of the casino anyway.

Obeying my grandfather and father, may they rest in peace with Kiehtan, I turned my back on what is now called a ‘Nation’ and moved.


The reason why I write about the cross and St. Nicholas two different holidays so often is because, St. Nicholas is Santa Clause and Jesus is my big brother!

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7 thoughts on “Write your own story

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  2. Amber Danette

    I totally agree with you Sachem. The word religion is used far too often. God is in animals,trees,the sky and in you and me. Faith is what counts. 🙂

  3. Kentucky Angel

    Very insightful. Since I started reading your blogs Sachem, I have heard about 15 people in my area claim to be Cherokee, or part Cherokee. When did it become so fashionable to suddenly become Native or Cherokee? I’ve never met an Apache or a Navajo, only the Cherokee. And some of these Cherokee can trace their ancestors back to England and Scandinavia, although those ancestors are supposedly pure Cherokee.

    • Allow me to tell you a true story Kentucky Angel.
      First, I know that you have blood I do not know from what tribe and I do not wish to hurt your feelings?
      The truth is
      Way back in the time when the Whiteman was corralling the Redman onto reservations in the area of the Cherokee people, if an Indian wanted to be left alone, get food, water and a place to live or be assaulted or killed, the Redman had to agree to their terms no exceptions.
      The only tribe that knuckled under to the Whiteman was the Cherokee!
      Other tribes in the area quickly found this out the hard way so when the Whiteman came calling they all said that they were Cherokee’s.
      So, your 15 people could be from many tribes but by now all are mixed breeds, mixed breeds do not get recognized by the Whiteman, so in the end, they also lost their heritage.

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