The future of home energy.

John Poswall drives past one of his gardens at his sprawling estate on Nov. 18 in Lincoln, Calif. Poswall says he had seen energy bills of $1,700 a month prior to the solar- and wind-power additions.


Couple’s off-grid power re-energizes their budget

All doubtin Thomases need to check this out?

John Poswall looks out from his terrace and sees

“the future of home energy.”

Solar panels on a hillside of his Lincoln Hills property make the most of frequent sunny days. Scaled-down turbines atop the roof harvest the Delta breeze.

And best yet, a battery system no bigger than a standard water heater stores that clean energy for when it’s needed.

The battery pack allows the Poswall home to use solar power at night and wind on a calm, cloudy day.

“It really is amazing,” said Poswall, a Sacramento attorney and author.

“It’s the first of its kind in California.

PG&E said they never saw anything like this.”

As novel as this combination now seems, its creator predicts that soon solar-­wind-battery systems will be commonplace in many new homes, particularly in solar- or wind-friendly Western states.

“What (the Poswalls) have is the starting point for where most (new) homes in the U.S. would be in the next three to five years,” said Farid Dibachi, co-founder of JLM Energy Inc.

Based in Rocklin, his company primarily creates commercial systems that allow companies to maximize their energy savings, often through the creative use of renewable energy.

The Poswall house became a model project to see how such a system could be used in a residential setting.

“Clearly, this is the wave of the future especially for an area like ours with both summer sun and winter wind,” Poswall said.

“It’s the future of home energy.”


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