The mentality of Florida

Old man with Alzheimer’s disease and other complications without his medication lost while driving a Burgundy P.T. Cruiser.

Mr. Thornbi has done this many times in the past.

Grand Island Man missing 73 years old Clarence Thornbl left home Saturday noon time, police said that he has a number of medical issues and is easily confused?

Registration number 046-328WT


Why does he still have a way to get at the keys to and car?

Where is his family?

Why have the police state and town not taken the car, keys or him to a safe home?

He is still missing today late Monday.

The police state to the news media that he has been a flight risk many time before?

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4 thoughts on “The mentality of Florida

  1. Kentucky Angel

    This has happened in KY also. When I worked in a nursing home 2 of our residents got out of the building, thankfully not during my shift, and were found days later several miles away. They didn’t have cars, but were known for escaping, and walked away during the night. State laws prevented any form of restraining them in their beds, even as far as putting rails on the beds to prevent them from falling out, so how could we prevent them from walking out the door? Not enough money to hire someone to guard each person in the nursing home, especially those who had no visitors at all during the 4 years I worked there.

    • Donna worked in a treatment center many years ago in California so I have heard many stories, I worked on heating and cooling up north and have worked in those hospital many times.
      Would you believe the for the last few days we have been getting calls from a Toyota dealer some place in Kentucky wanting to sell me a car?
      We never answer the phone unless we know the called but we do look them up on the computer just for a laugh, remember we live in central Florida how do we get his car? 🙂 ❤

      • Kentucky Angel

        I believe anything having to do with phone salespeople. I get calls wantin to sel me auto insuranfe even after I teii them I tell them I have MS and am unable to drive. They are persistent.

      • They make a living lying to people therefore they are incapable of believing anyone else! ❤
        Sorry about your MS! 😦

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