What is so bad about telling the truth?

What is so bad about telling the truth?

Every year for over 30 years now our politicians chose to look and sound foolish while running for office, Why?

Everyone in the world knows that they are running for office, apparently everyone except the person running?

Just for that reason alone I would not vote for him/her!

Repeat after me

“I am running for the presidency of the United States of America and am looking for your approval and help!”

There now don’t you feel better?

Two years before an election every single worthy, yes Mr. Rubio, I said worthy, politician stumbles around a very simple truthful statement with 10 adjectives for every noun spoken while spending thousands of dollars running around testing the waters so to speak.

“Water is Wet, so get over it and get on with your life, run don’t but do something or get out of the way!”

Let’s start with the Debunked little party called Democrats?

I would love to start with any/many of the other so called political parties however, they only run for office after it is far too late to even make a dent in the voting public!

After the fact they just go back into hibernation until the next election once again running far too late.


Hillary Rodham Clinton


I have been wishing for a female to run this country.

After over 200 years I think that we can safely say, Men Cannot!

239 years

July 4, 1776 to January 7,2015

We might be able to forgive her for hesitating after her last run when about 30% of the Democrats stabbed her in the back the last few weeks of the campaign and crawled over to Obama!

Elizabeth Ann Warren would make a great president and in spite of what a few “Cherokees” say she would be a representative of the first people of the land.


Yes she does have blood, not much however, she never said that she did?

If you have been following her progress, we can see that she is not afraid to stand for what is right for this country?


Rubio is out, far too many skeletons in his closet however, I personally would like to see him run against Hillary or Elizabeth, I like a shoe in for the girls!


Bush the 3rd

Jeb also has many live skeletons in and out of his closet.

You will be hearing more about them if or when he decides to tell the truth?

Jeb Bush is the perfect example of what the posting is all about, gibberish!



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