Tea party and environmentalists unite in Florida

The power of solar to unite the U.S.’ diametrically opposed political parties has again become evident in a petition to cut utilities out of the sale of power in Florida.

According to a report in the Tampa Bay Times newspaper on Tuesday, Republican Tory Perfetti has launched a petition to remove the stipulation that only utilities can sell power to consumers in the state.

Supporters must collect 683,149 signatures to get the proposal before voters. At least 60 percent of voters must approve the amendment for it to be placed in the Constitution.

Tory Perfetti is leading the petition drive. He’s director of the Florida chapter of Conservatives for Energy Freedom and head of the Floridians for Solar Choice ballot initiative.

This is a good idea actually whenever we come together for the betterment of the our environment and the world it is a good thing for humans everywhere.

As you know the power companies have been blocking every alternative energy product for many years.

This should and will change, it must change if this and other countries are to ever become a ‘free country’?

We have lost that right many years ago.

Supporters Want Solar Choice On 2016 Ballot


Push for New Law Cites Cheaper Solar Power for Sunshine State


Tea party and environmentalists unite in Florida


Conservatives for Energy Freedom


Republican-led group launches ballot petition to boost solar power in Florida


An unlikely alliance of environmentalists and political conservatives is banding together to bring more solar power choices to the Sunshine State. The newly formed political action committee Floridians for Solar Choice is gathering signatures for a constitutional amendment to allow businesses and homeowners to generate their own solar energy and sell it directly to consumers. Currently, Florida is one of only five states that mandates solar power be bought and sold only through electric utilities.

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