Do you have Life Insurance

Do you have Life Insurance

Do you, your parents, grandparents, relations and/or friends, have life Insurance?

How many are retired?

This is a little embarrassing for me however, I believe that it could help someone?

I have been getting a letter a year from this insurance company every year since 1993.

Do you or yours receive a letter from the insurance company?

It states

The purpose of this letter is to bring our records up to date regarding your address.

A response is only required if your current address differs from the mailing address used about.

Because of a work related injury I received a Life insurance policy no charge from my union (Teamsters), no big deal now, was then.

Because of what has been going on with us for the last few months I started to wonder, how does this company know if I am still alive, do they care, who is the beneficiary of the policy and how much is it for.

So I called just after the holidays.

After call number four and the threat with the address of an attorney I soon received a self addressed letter from my union.

It would seem that that insurance company was beat out by a better company years ago and they (Met-life) did not even know?

My union is taking care of everything, no charge and sending my account to their insurance company.

I now wonder, what does a beneficiary do in such a trying time without the help of a union?

If a person never questioned would the insurance company end up with the full amount?

Maybe everyone should be questioning their insurance company now while still able?

Just watched channel 9 news go after an insurance company because it told her that she does not even have a policy?

Hope that this of so help to my followers.

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