The GOP’s New War on Obama

Meet the Men Doing the Dirty Work

Now in control of Congress,

Republicans are bent on destroying Obama’s legacy


Well I will ask?

Is he really a dictator?

Does he fall asleep during work like some in congress?

Does he only work two weeks a year like everyone in congress?

Does he try to destroy Social security, Medicare and Medicaid like some in congress?

Is Obamacare less than the insurance policy that congress has been showing the country and the world?


They still do not have a bill they only have a plan to take, as usual!

Is he on the take from the Koch Brothers?

Is he on the take from Canada?

Does he outsource his businesses out of our country?

does he send his banking out of country to avoid taxes.

Does he stab congress in the back by inviting country leaders to bad mouth them?

Does he live in the pockets of the oil & Gas companies?

Is he a puppet controlled by Millionaires and Billionaire?

In its first week back in session,

Congress pushed bills to green light the Keystone XL pipeline and to roll back taxpayer protections against Too Big to Fail banks.

In one of the first votes whipped by Rep. Steve Scalise, the third-ranking Republican, who has apologized for his past association with white supremacists, the House passed a bill to reverse the president’s executive immigration reforms, threatening millions with deportation.

GOP War On The Middle Class

Speaker John Boehner thrilled house Republicans by bringing styrofoam back the Congressional cafeteria and eliminated the use of the bio-degradable products that were in place before.

Oh and they’ve spent $1.1 million dollars and an entire week taking turns reading the Constitution aloud for new members.

They’ve called Emergency sessions to de-fund things like National Public Radio.

They’ve secretly been planning a war on the elderly and neediest in our society to pay for the breaks given to the banks, wall street and corporate America.

They’ve held numerous press conferences repeatedly telling Americans they are going to have to work longer, give up Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid because the debt is just too high.

Yet at the same time Oil Companies were again rewarded with another tax break hidden inside a ‘transportation’ bill.

They’ve also spent their time introducing a bill requiring the Internal Revenue Service to police how Americans have paid for their abortions.

A recent chart compiled from IRS and Tax Foundation data suggests the rich have been paying fewer taxes as compared to the middle class for over 20 years.

All of this in an effort to keep the scale balanced as it has been over the last ten years

so the Top 1% can control 42% of our country’s financial wealth.

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