Republicans are paid to oppose Obamacare

“Republicans are vigorously opposed to Obamacare (ACA) because the ACA requires Americans to get health insurance.

Most people would like to have health insurance if they could afford it.

That is exactly what ACA does.

Obamacare takes some taxes from wealthy people and shares it with poor Americans who live on low wages and food stamps.

So why would the GOP oppose a program that takes a little cash from the wealthy and shares it with Americans in poverty?

The answer is clear.

Republican politicians oppose ACA because they are paid to oppose ACA.

Here is how it works.

In 2014, Blue Cross Blue Shield spent almost $12 million lobbying legislators.

Prudential Financial spent $8 million on the boys in D.C.

Metlife spent more than $6 million on their friends in D.C.


The list goes on and on.

In 2012, insurance companies spent a record $58.7 million with 68 percent going to GOP legislators who had taken funds from insurance companies for years.

So, who received some of those big insurance dollars?

Mitch McConnell ($625,579),

John Boehner ($508,435),

Paul Ryan ($469,428),

Jeb Hensarling ($350,764)


Mark Warner (Dem.) ($336,900).

There are many more recipients who can be found at

If Americans have private insurance, there is a good chance that their insurance company is paying legislators to repeal Obamacare.

Do taxpayers want legislators to work for them, or should legislators work for a big insurance company and let taxpayers pay the bill?”

Those interested can find the facts at


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