What is lower than a ships anchor?


Even lower that our government officials?

Even lower than an Ambulance chasers?

An attorney that advertises ways to help drunks drive on our roads, crash, injure and/or kill our family members, friends, neighbors and maybe you!

Florida lawyer sparks debate about rights at DUI checkpoints

A South Florida lawyer has come up with a novel way for drivers to handle police drunk-driving checkpoints and posted a video about it that has gotten over 2 million views.

Boca Raton attorney Warren Redlich says drivers don’t have to interact with officers or even roll down their windows.

Redlich says all drivers must do is place their license and registration papers on the glass, along with a note saying they have no comment, will not permit a search and want a lawyer.

Redlich says it’s not about letting drunk drivers escape but permitting people to assert their rights and protect themselves.

Florida police say it’s important for officers to speak with drivers to do their jobs.

They also say courts have repeatedly upheld the legality of DUI checkpoints.

The Associated Press

In this Friday, Jan. 30, 2015 photo, attorney Warren Redlich holds up a flyer he designed during an interview in Delray Beach, Fla.

The DUI attorney contends that when a driver approaches a police drunk-driving checkpoint, they don’t have to speak to the officers.

He contends that commonly-used police drunk driving checkpoints violate drivers’ constitutional rights. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)


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10 thoughts on “What is lower than a ships anchor?

  1. Kentucky Angel

    Aren’t drunk drivers violating my right to live without fear of being injured by someone driving while under the influence of alcohol? That’s a really dumb attorney, and I’ve met a lot of dumb attorneys in my lifetime.

    • Not necessarily dumb as much as putting his pockets before your life, a normal attorney and with Florida laws he can do this because most of our officials drink!

      • Kentucky Angel

        That seems to be true in every state. In KY I think they try to taste bourbon from every cask to be sure it meets the standards.

      • I like your answer however in Florida it seems to be where they keep putting their heads after the drinking!

      • Kentucky Angel

        You should send us some of your sunshine and warm weather, perhaps. Then the northern states might be able to keep their drunks at home? We get tired of the clouds and ice. 🙂

      • It is only 57 degrees in central Florida, cold for us? 🙂 ❤

      • Kentucky Angel

        We were below zero for several days, and now it will warm up for a while before plunging again. We might all have to go to Alaska to get warm again, 🙂

      • COME ON DOWN! We are going into the 80’s

      • Kentucky Angel

        We are in the 30’s now, so that’s liveable. 80’s in February doesn’t sound natural. Would love to see green grass though.

      • No green grass yet going back to the 80’s
        59 last night needed the A/C on 😦

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