“Show me the Money”!

Governor Rick Scott of Florida has as late been spending billions of dollars on things that Floridians have been begging him for in his last term in office.

Where is the Money coming from?

I am worried for our Florida Governor’s memory, he seems to have forgotten that the Federal Government under (President Obama) has been offering this money to his state for over four years and he had been refusing!

He is now taking it but has forgotten to thank his president?

President Obama?

I am sure that this is just a sign of his age and that his republican congress will clue him in on this mishap someday?

The only real question is,

“Were on earth is the opposing parties in this, why have they not corrected this mistake”?

Gov. Rick Scott dedicates $1.6B to Florida springs restoration over 20 years

ORLANDO – Gov. Rick Scott highlighted a dedicated source of revenue that will provide $1.6 billion for Florida springs restoration over the next 20 years as part of his proposed 2015-2016 budget.


Senators question Scott’s request for more tourism money


Governor’s water funding gets praise

Gov. Rick Scott is shifting course after angering environmentalists during his first years in office


by cutting protections for water and wildlife.

Scott twice this week proposed significant environmental funding


. The latest came Wednesday during a Cabinet meeting in Kissimmee, targeting the ailing Everglades with $130 million.

The day before, he proposed spending $55 million to fix polluted springs, which state Sen. David Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, on Wednesday described to a gathering of environmentalists as a “good start.”


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