Veterans slam Brian Williams for Iraq ‘lie,’ question his apology


I am also a veteran, I also do not want people like reporters and non combat personal telling a fib about war and how it is on the line.

My ship has carried Vietnam wounded warriors back stateside and they were only the ones capable of making the trip by ship, the real bad wounded traveled by plane if at all.

I was on two ships so I did not have ‘Boots on the Ground so to speak’ just planes and submarines tailing our ships, point is that even for a harden warrior as with a news reporter, the flash of any ‘ammo-power’ close to you can confuse and weaken ones knees at times, have been there done that in GITMO.

I do not condone what Brian Williams said, I can understand some confusion, cannot understand the time between the action and the confession?

I do want to point out that we have lost all of our old seasoned reporters of his day.

Today’s reporters are not being allowed the time or the manpower to do their jobs other then copying off the internet!

However, lately I must admit that WFTV reporters are out looking for news in our neighborhoods and this is what we have been asking for.

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4 thoughts on “Veterans slam Brian Williams for Iraq ‘lie,’ question his apology

  1. I agree with your statement that reporters today often do not have the time or resources to their jobs as their predecessors. We as a people have become impatient with convenience and are accustomed to receiving the “news as it is happening.” In the past since the reports were not always in real time, the experience of a reporter and his or her ability to dig and give different angles was more appreciated. Today, first is often more desire than the most thorough.

    • Thank you once again my friend lablouisianaboy for your kind understanding of a posting.
      I also pointed out, although as usual rather poorly, that small TV News channels as with WFTV 9 in Orlando, are trying to squeeze in-between the junk with some sound news reporting, of course news papers and the internet are hell bent on not including these companies hard investigating in their papers or on the internet?
      I hate Facebook however, I find that I must go to their Facebook to find some of their reporting?

  2. Mr. Walkingfox,
    I think you made your point quite well at least I understood what you meant so perhaps you typed in strawberry farm boy turned history professor language. Some of the smaller television stations and newspapers have reporters who are true journalists who do superior investigative reports. Actually those journalists still exist in the larger markets as well. My “local” news since moving to Maryland is WJLA out of Arlington, VA, and Washington DC. The anchors and many field reporters are superb. Sadly in depth reports and multiple perspectives do not seem to be what drives ratings so many of the decision makers choose instead to cater to their audiences in opinions which they present as analysis. I doubt if I will ever understand how some trivial events get repeated but important happenings never move beyond the initial story. Personally I find it maddening with how often “partial reports” are given on TV or newspapers which then inform you to go to another venue for the full report. Perhaps it is the same, maybe not, to what I remember as the news teasers as a child where the local reporter would appear in a commercial during say Monday Night Football, introduce the story, and inform you to stay tuned after the game to hear the details. At least then the only necessary aspect was to convince my parents that I could watch and still wake up to do chores before school the next morning and not changing the channel or turning on multiple other devices. Even though I quickly learned that most of those teasers weren’t worth the wait, there were stories of real interest to me which made watching worthwhile. Best to you and yours Sir.

    • Thank you lablouisianaboy
      Seems we are made from about the same mold only no ball games, boxing! 😦
      I was charged with getting the coal to the pot bell stove and as I grew, kerosene for the stove.
      A little side note if I may, we must drop our new newspaper because this company now make the print so small that even with my new glasses I get a headache trying to read it.
      Exception, the ads are not much bigger!
      Sad because it was one of the best newspapers in my life time.

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