Cesar Chavez, directed by Diego Luna

We watched a taping about the life of Mr. Cesar Chavez on 381 EPIX2 the 2nd (movie) in the past few years.

To start a union is like trying to finish a war?

Cesar Chavez, directed by Diego Luna.


Growing up in New England I am sorry to say that I knew nothing about this


my loss.

It just so happens that he, as with Marin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and many others are also heroes of “my better half” so I get the privilege of learning from a ‘Tenacious Anthropologist’!


Cesar Chavez, directed by Diego Luna, chronicles the birth of a modern American movement led by famed civil rights leader and labor organizer, Cesar Chavez. Torn between his duties as a husband and father and his commitment to bringing dignity and justice to others, Chavez embraced non-violence as he battled greed and prejudice in his struggle for the rights of farm workers. His triumphant journey is a remarkable testament to the power of one individual’s ability to change the system.


Cesar Chavez National Day of Service

Today we remember Chavez not just as a champion for workers’ rights, but as an American hero. On March 31 we honor his legacy and commitment to lending a voice to the voiceless on Cesar Chavez Day, but we seek to take this a step further to a full Day of Service. This day will serve not just to honor and remember the great work of Cesar Chavez, but to continue his central mission: that when workers are treated fairly, everybody benefits.

Join us in urging the President to declare March 31 as the Cesar Chavez National Day of Service.


The farm workers had to go through hell to get a pay to survive on.

The working people in the country as with in England went through the same in the 1940’s

In the 1980’s our government successfully push through laws to send both countries plunging back to the 1930’s and beyond and the people have allowed this to happen!

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