Quit playing with Social Security


February 10 marked the day when the top 1 percent of wage earners in America stopped paying into Social Security.

This is because,

right now, only the first $118,500 of a wage earners income is subject to the payroll tax that funds Social Security.

Social Security has not contributed one nickel to our deficit or our national debt.

It has a $2.8 trillion surplus.

It will be able to pay 100 percent of promised benefits to every eligible recipient for the next 18 years, just as it has done for the past 79 years.

All we need to do is ask millionaires and billionaires to start paying their fair share and we not only extend the life of the Social Security trust fund, we can afford to expand benefits for millions of Americans.

Congress must stop manufacturing a false Social Security crisis and must work to find solutions that protect and expand the most popular social program in the history of the United States.

Stand up and let your voice be heard in the halls of Congress by writing, calling, and emailing them today.

MICHAEL HARRIS, Webster Florida

Michael is right on the money with this

‘up until he said’

” All we need to do is ask millionaires and billionaires to start paying their fair share.”

What we must do Mr. Harris, is find a way to


What this country needs to do is Clone people like Elizabeth Warren then beg her to stay in the senate where she can do the most good,

then place the clones in congress to help kick out the useless ones taking up valuable space while being on the take?

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