Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes

Did Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes?

Well in my opinion, for what it is worth?

If any rouge country takes matters into their own hands and goes it alone they should be handled accordingly!

That said, time is quickly running out on Iran and in the very near future every country in the free world had better be on board with blasting Ian’s nuclear and any other type of military to smithereens and if any president, king or prime minister does not act, they must be booted out of their government!

If congress does not back our president it that time we muse impeach every nay voting congress person!

However, this governing body in office now does have their fingers or the pulse of the middle east and I for one have no problem sleeping!

Shocking report: Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes to protect Iran


Cons http://www.mediaite.com/online/conservative-blogs-explode-over-report-obama-threatened-to-shoot-down-israeli-planes/ ervative Blogs Explode over ‘Report’ Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Planes

Let’s take back AMERICA PEOPLE!

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