Why vote Republican?

By BILL LORSON, Leesburg, Florida

“Why do Republicans vote against Obamacare (ACA)?”

is clearly answered in Robert Wesolowski’s recent letter to the Daily Commercial.

They get paid by the medical industry to do so.

This leads to the wider question, however.

Why do middle-class Americans vote Republican?

The goals of the Republican Party clearly support the top 1 percent, not the middle class.

The party, for instance, is against the concept of Social Security.

One of the first actions of the 114th Congress was to hobble the ability of Social Security to support the disabled when they voted to not allow the transfer of funds from the overall budget of Social Security to the account for paying disabled people.

This is only the first step in the Republican Party’s goal of destroying Social Security.

Are middle-class Republicans over 65 willing to forgo their Social Security checks to support this Republican Party goal?

The Republican Party is similarly against Medicare.

Their first step in destroying Medicare is to turn it into a voucher system.

It is generally acknowledged the vouchers would not provide adequate funds to cover care at the same level as current Medicare. Are middle-class Republicans willing to cut up their Medicare cards?

So why do middle-class people support the Republican Party?

The answer is “fear.”

They are told the democrats are going to take away their guns.

They’re expanding government and taking your freedom away.

None of these fears are supported by facts but they cause fearful people to select the “R” candidates, at their own peril.


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