Navy, union at odds over delay

The same navy that is constantly and needlessly killing and maiming out oceans sea crèches is doing the same thing to our shipyards that our government did to our new VA Hospital in Orlando Florida, adding paperwork and then complaining because of delays!

Yes, I am talking about my navy.

We finely get our government to send our ship-building back to our own shipbuilding companies and what do they do?

They keep throwing a monkey wrench into the gears and slowing down on production and adding to the cost!

Navy, union at odds over delay in BIW ‘stealth’ ships

A monkey wrench something that disrupts.

It also looks like the company (Bath Iron Works), a company that not so long ago was going under, is not pulling its weight and of course the unions are once again getting the blame!

The USS Zumwalt at Bath Iron Works.

Photo: Contributed

The USS Zumwalt at Bath Iron Works.

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