Withdrawing weapons from Ukraine


I get to ask this question because not one of my followers is “Stupid!”


Because the whole world knows that the Russian Government, not her people, her people are kind, gentle, loving, intelligent, people, at least the ones that I have met and that I follow, the government under Russian President Putin, is sending troops and military weapons in and against a small free neighboring country again!

Because of this fact, why not have the countries of this ‘free world, also send troops and military weapons in and against this illegal invasion from a corrupt government?

Let’s start with the neighbors of Ukraine.

Because they and the rest of the world know that they are next and if they do not held not, why should we help when it is their turn?

Pro-Russia fighters have withdrawn weapons, says Ukraine president

Yes they have.

However, just since the ceasefire, 64 Ukrainian servicemen had been killed.


Russian-backed fighters have withdrawn ‘significant amount’ of weaponry from frontline in east of country, says Petro Poroshenko

This is not war, this is another systematic takeover from this ‘bully government!’

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