Florida city of St. Augustine to celebrate 450 years

By Susan R. Pollack


I now wish to challenge Susan R. Pollack as an out of state in fantasy land hypocrite that does not know the history of Indian country and for sure Florida!

Sorry but this might be to only way to stop the nonsense, challenge the stupidity with the truth!

Susan R. Pollack is a freelance travel writer based in suburban Detroit.

I give you the ‘Aucilla River in northern Florida 13,500 14,500 years ago’ depending on who to side with these days?


After this were the Timucua Indians


This people were here living in a number of thriving villages (cities) when the Spanish explorers conquistadors came to their land and treat the native people as slaves.

Florida Indians from Ancient Time to the Present


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6 thoughts on “Florida city of St. Augustine to celebrate 450 years

  1. I just read Rene Laudonniere’s Three Voyages 1562 -1565. Translated from the French by Charles E. Bennett. This place was a paradise when the French got here … When I look around, now, I can no longer imagine how Florida must have been…so much is described that no longer exists.

    • bearspawprint
      Yes, Florida was a ‘Tropical Paradise’ before the invasion, now it is becoming what so many other states already are, “A Tropical Cement Highway!”
      If you ever get the chance, some places in the Ocala National Forest still are beautiful, all one needs to do is slow down and stay off the main roads and look to enjoy?

      • I lived in Ocala 1955-1961. My step-father was the Florida Forest Service District Forester, then. We spent lots of time in the Ocala National Forest. Papa (Muskogee from Tallapoosa, Georgia) was very protective of that Forest. He felt himself to be the forest custodian. He tried to make the bombing range not be there.

      • Bear
        Everyone in central Florida wants it to go!

      • Including you? Go where?

        Are the horsey people unhappy?

        Gainsville VA hospital is as close as I have been in many years.

        Tourist $%%^&^ was already making a mess, when I was a child. The horsey people have picturesque fences, but it’s not forest.

        We moved to just south of Lakeland in 1961. Phosphate mining was already bad. On Google Earth it’s heart breaking. Papa’s heart was breaking then. “Reclamation” can never re-claim.

        We moved to Oregon. Same, or worse, has happened there. 😦

        And the Blue Ridge Parkway!! That horror broke Grandmother’s heart. I have a sad story about that. It is as destructivel as mountain top removal mining which is monstrous. 😦 😦

        Here, in North Florida,the back roads, and old logging roads, are being closed off, there is no access to anywhere. Everything is going to, limited access, high speed highways with inspection stations. It is weird. I feel like an alien. I don’t fit anywhere.

        And there is no place to swim. Are any swimming places left near Ocala? Or is everything all gee-gawed up with tourist nonsense?

        I’ve always considered myself strong and adaptable, but I am having a hard time. Some things, here and there, are good, even wonderful, but, sadly, there can be too much of “good” things !!! It is difficult to distinguish what is good and what is harmful. 😦

        HIghways are good for some aspects of “society” … but the cost! On the other hand, it is nice to just be able to just GO to the hospital when necessary … ????

        Homesick. I think many People are homesick for that which may now be gone, forever. I am. The Blueridge Parkway destroyed the middle of what used to be HOME.

        We find peace where we can.

        Thank you Grandfather, for allowing me to talk too much.

      • Bear
        The Horse people also kill off other animals as with the Gopher Tortoise because the horse might stumble into a Gopher Den!
        You go right on talking (writing) my friend it will never be too much!
        My shoulder (Computer) is your to write to.
        Even in the last 15 years since we arrived, Florida has changes into a “Cement State”!
        We came and bought a house because both of her parents were in the hospital at the same time and were up in age, then fell in-love with the Ocala Forest plus to enjoy the southern powwows, little did we know? 😦
        Every day I am blessed with eyes to see the wild life in this part of Florida until retirees turn it into cement also!

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