I enjoy a good sociopath

Time to be a real American

I like this article, hope you do also?

You claim that you are an American.

There are many kinds of Americans:

Russian-Americans, German-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Native-Americans and the list goes on.

There are two other categories that overlap all of the above. That would be the “Voting-Americans” and the “non-Voting-Americans”.


This is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle Black?

Donald E. Zlotnik

I have a problem with dead Americans ALWAYS voting Democrat.

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6 thoughts on “I enjoy a good sociopath

  1. Kentucky Angel

    I have a problem with non-voting people criticizing the policies that could have been changed if they had only voted. My building is the poling place for this district, yet 3/4 of the people living here don’t vote. Some even stand outside the polling area criticizing things that are happening in the country while proclaiming proudly that they don’t vote. Telling them they could help change things if they would go inside and cast a vote, they say no, it’s up the someone else to change, never themselves. I don’t understand that attitude, because I always thought if you don’t vote you give up the right to complain about the rights you didn’t try to protect with your vote.

    • Kentucky Angel
      My neighbor hood is like your building, these “RED NECKS” will shoot your posters about change while bragging that they did not, do not and will not ever vote because “Everything stays the same!”
      Say What?
      I have voted in every election except one and that was once the town hall, they said, lost my paperwork after a move, they never did that again!!!!!!!!!!!
      Anyway, when I write about political issues I have a little knowledge of what I am talking about, 16 years in politics pushing the good people into office!
      If you notice those posting have very little ‘Like buttons pushed because people will never change!

      • Kentucky Angel

        I can’t understand why they keep voting the same idiots in. Mitch McConnell was okay for 2 terms, but he has been there too long. He was bought and paid for so many terms ago that he does absolutely no good for anyone but himself now. And if people would vote, maybe things would change, and not stay the same.
        I have voted in every election since I was old enough to vote–except for one election, which was almost like yours, except they decided to move the boundaries for our district. Then they forgot to tell us about it. After arguing with them about it for almost one hour, I just walked out. They called me later and told me it was worked out, and I could come back and vote, but with 3 young kids I had to pick my time when it was okay to leave them with someone. They have tried it again, when I quit driving, and applied for an ID, rather than a driver’s license. Wanted me to come down and register to vote again. I called the clerks office and asked about that, and he told me to ignore that, it was a foul up in Frankfort. Didn’t have a problem when I went in to vote, so all was well.
        I like the way you research the candidates and talk about them. It helps me when making up my mind about national politics, but I also read about the candidates, and what they stand for, how good their record is on keeping promises. It’s just getting hard to find good people now.

      • Kentucky Angel
        You my dear friend are in ‘what I like to call’ “My good %10!”
        The people that actually think about their neighbors, town, state, country, Mother Earth and themselves before voting time!
        This %10, sorry it is not %90, will vote with their brain!
        ❤ 🙂

      • Kentucky Angel

        Then I wish we could take the other 90% out for coffee and have them drink it all day until they forgot to votel

      • ❤ 🙂

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