Healing a Barrel of Apples

To like or not to like that is the question

This state, country and Mother Earth can never be healed want to know why?

It starts with the fact that people in general do not like change!

If you do not believe this, try a few experiments yourself?

Call a visiting person from Scotland


Tell a Floridian that the Civil War is over.

Tell an old-timer of Mississippi that he/she cannot fly a

“Rebel Flag.”

However, the funniest thing of all is how to tell if your followers are stuck in only one political party?

Write anything associated with the theme of your blog and the likes keep pouring in.

Write something positive or negative about a public official or a political party even if ten thousand of posting before you prove the correctness of your writing and many of your followers come down with

“Arthritis of the fingers”!

It is called

“Fear of being called out!”

If there is a rotten apple or two in your barrel you should not dump the whole barrel should you?

Or the other hand by turning your back on the barrel will only spoil the whole barrel of apples wouldn’t?

One does not and should not change political parties because of a few rotten apples in your party, no matter which political party you and your ancestors belong too.

What must be done or should be done to save your party is the same as with the rotten apple/apples in the barrel.

Remove the apple and pick a new one off of the tree?

Barrel of apples is safe from being all rotten!

It might even be wise at times to enjoy an apple from someone else’s barrel if yours cannot be saved once in a while?

I would be happy to enjoy one of your apples if my barrel gets a little rotten, would this be alright with you?

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