Florida Congress is still saying

Proposal Would Devote Just 1% of Available Cash to Land

Over 75% of the Florida voters want to preserve our land and voted in the last election to do so.

Florida Congress is still saying

“Bite Me”


Because they know that Floridians will always vote along party lines instead of the use of wisdom! Party lines means that we will keep voting in the greedy, crooked politician!

Against Voter Wishes, Proposal Would Devote Just 1% of Available Cash to Land Preservation


These politicians do not care about Floridians, Florida, the land, the water, the air or the wildlife so when all is lost every one of them will just pack their things and move to another victim (state).

Wake up Florida?

How many of our government officials are living in Mini cities like the Villages and have moved from another state that is now built-in and around cement?

Total population of the Villages


How many middle-class working families live in the Villages?

“0” or close to it!

How many Villages vote Republican?

“100%” or close to it!

Population Demographics for The Villages, Florida in 2014 and 2015


Population by Races
Race Population % of Total
Total Population 51,442 100
White 50,511 98
Hispanic or Latino 768 1
Asian 342 Below 1%
Black or African American 314 Below 1%
Two or More Races 148 Below 1%
Population by Races And Gender
Male Female Total
Total Population 24,069 27,373 51,442
White 23,687 26,824 50,511
Hispanic or Latino 307 461 768
Asian 114 228 342
Black or African American 148 166 314
Two or More Races 65 83 148

List of Counties and cities in Florida


Population Demographics for Florida 2014 and 2015


Population by Races
Race Population % of Total
Total Population 18,801,310 100
White 14,109,162 75
Hispanic or Latino 4,223,806 22
Black or African American 2,999,862 15
Some Other Race 681,144 3
Two or More Races 472,577 2
Asian 454,821 2
American Indian 71,458 Below 1%
Three or more races 31,961 Below 1%
Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander 12,286 Below 1%
Native Hawaiian 2,809 Below 1%
Alaska Native tribes 574 Below 1%
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