“We need to keep the red-light cameras.”

Keep the red-light cameras


I agree with the Daily Commercial March 16 Another Opinion,

“We need to keep the red-light cameras.”

Running a red light or making an illegal turn on red is the most egregious abuse.

Those abuses can put a person or persons in a hospital, leave a body broken, even partially paralyzed or cause loss of life.

It could be true that some Florida cities use the cameras to generate revenues, much like Ferguson, Missouri does.

Nonetheless, if you do not want the fine, do not do the crime.

The problem lies with the escalating liberalization of what turning right on red means.

I suspect, just like in Indiana in 1968 when we passed the legislation, Florida motorists had to come to a complete stop (tires not moving) and proceed to turn only if there was no oncoming traffic.

Now, in Florida a motorist can make a ”prudent” turn, whatever that means.

That could be turning while traveling 5 mph to 10 mph or more, still capable of inflicting property damage or bodily harm.

If drivers drive the speed limit designated by traffic engineers to allow drivers time to react to a yellow light (which means prepare to stop, not speed up) rear-end collisions would be reduced.

Florida must return to requiring motorists come to a complete stop.

No roll through, no pump and proceed — a complete stop.

That way an observer can tell whether the turn is legal or not.


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