Leaving Iran with nuclear abilities of any kind to thrive, is like the ‘Free World’ allowing the ‘Hitler Nazism’ of Germany to invade neighboring countries.

If you had any kind of history in school you know that story.

Have we, as a country or the world learned anything from the past?

Publican/ Pharisee/Congress/Super PACs

See if this sounds familiar?

The publicans were often Jews and in the eyes of their countrymen traitors to Israel.

To be spoiled by foreigners was bad,

but to be plundered by their own countrymen was far worse.

Publican became synonymous with “sinner” and “pagan”

The hatred and contempt in which they were held hardened them against all better feelings, so that, they defied public opinion.

Pharisees were the respectable and outwardly religious class, so the publicans were the vile and degraded.

The God of Israel (Lord) condemned the self satisfied Pharisee as hypocrites.

Another reason why ‘History’ should constantly be analyzed as the truth, a road map if you well that helps humans improve the future?

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