Please, Please, Please, stop and think?

I love all of you so please try not to place me into the cesspool with so many of those Buffoons?

I know that you are extremely upset with so many buffoon’s in the world today however, please also remember,

“Not one of them is a Christians”

They were, are, and will always be a Buffoon?

A true Christian of which I am striving to be, were not, are not now and will never be a judge, unless they take the bar exam?

Not the bar that they frequent the one where you become an attorney and then sit at a bench as a judge in a court of law?

And even that is not 100% correct because many of those people are also not “Christ-Like?”

Buffoon [ bəˈfo͞on ] a ridiculous but amusing person; a clown.

synonyms: clown · jester · fool · comic · comedian · wag · wit · merry andrew · harlequin · Punchinello · Pierrot · fool · idiot · dolt · dunce · dunderhead · dullard · ignoramus · dummy · simpleton · chump · blockhead · jughead · butthead · boob · bozo · doofus · hoser · nincompoop · numbskull · numbnuts · dope · twit · nitwit · halfwit · scissorbill · birdbrain · lamer

However, they will never be Christ-Like!

I can see setting these Buffoons aside as

‘Religious right’s’

A true Christian walks so that you will know that she/he is trying to be “Christ-Like?”

I guess that all I am saying is

“When one tells you that she/he is a Christian.”

I tell you that it is just another one of their lies.

I do not wish to judge because it is so much easier to pass things on to the master!

Yes, I do slip and I am truly sorry for that.

Taw-but-ni my friend.

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3 thoughts on “Please, Please, Please, stop and think?

  1. Mr. Walkingfox, Sir, of your many posts which impart much wisdom and pass along knowledge from your ancestors and of you yourself Sir to my generation and those younger, this posting is among your best. Perhaps because the lesson is so simple we often fail in our own recognition that actions speaking louder than words and while the tongue can deceive, it is the heart and soul we should seek to hear to experience reality.

  2. Reblogged this on LAB Louisiana Boy and commented:
    “I do not wish to judge because it is so much easier to pass things on to the master!

    Yes, I do slip and I am truly sorry for that.”

  3. Thank you my friend

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