Elderly drivers face scrutiny

A joke would be something like this,

“The life you save could be mine”

However, unfortunately this is no joking matter!


He is one of more than 105,000 registered drivers over the age of 90 in Florida.

Now officials will try to determine if there are any issues with the driving competency of Ira Caldwell Jr.

The 92-year-old was making a right turn into the middle lane of U.S. Highway 27 early Thursday afternoon — about 12 miles south of Clermont — when he pulled into the path of a southbound Chevrolet Lumina, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Caldwell’s Cadillac DTS hit the right side of the Chevrolet, causing it to veer off the highway and plow into three utility workers who were planting a power pole.

Jeremy Bradshaw, 35, Dewey Summerlin, 34, and Jeffrey Estes, 40, all of Georgia, died at the scene.

“It is well past time to re-examine the licensing system in this and other countries!

Every day we see an elderly person being pulled out of someone’s yard, building or tree, many be we could have everyone from say 80 sit and take the written and driving test, I say this knowing that I am close to the time.

One no longer needs to get into a car for the test, we now have computers to do the job.

However, if it will save one life it is worth the trip to the motor vehicle department?

A refresher course wouldn’t hurt anyone, if one does not have a valid license big time jail!”


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