Another train off the tracks

Train Derails In South Carolina, Spilling Ammonium Nitrate; Evacuation Order Lifted

This time 15 cars carrying

ammonium nitrate

The chemical compound ammonium nitrate, a white crystalline solid predominantly used in agriculture as a high-nitrogen fertilizer.

The compound is used as explosives in mining, and also sometimes in improvised explosive devices.

It is the main component of ANFO, a popular explosive, which accounts for 80% explosives used in North America.


anhydrous ammonia

What is anhydrous ammonia, and why is it so risky to handle? It is a chemical made up of one part nitrogen and three parts hydrogen. The properties of this fertilizer make it one of the most potentially dangerous chemicals used in agriculture. Ammonia gas is colorless and has a sharp, penetrating odor

Train Derails South Carolina – A trail carrying toxic substance ammonium nitrate has derailed in rural South Carolina on Friday night. An evacuation order for residents living within 1.5 miles of the accident scene was immediately released but it was lifted on Sunday.

It could have been carrying Keystone pipeline, caustic, sludge, oil.

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