Hillary for president

Is she the best that her party can throw at their opponent/


Can any member of that other party legally defeat her.


Will they defeat her?

Only time, lack of voting and corrupt money will tell!

I and many others in this country from all political parties would love to see Elizabeth Warren and/or Bernie Sanders run.

Except for a couple of good reasons I would like to see Bernie Sanders run for the presidency and Elizabeth Warren as his vice-President.

Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders would make for a better country, I put Bernie first because of his time in service to his state and the country.

Both are from the New England area and heaven forbid that this country would vote on something like that no matter how much sense it makes.

However, think about that for a while?

Both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are just where they need to be because of their strong will and fearless approach while battling for

“We the People!”

Hillary Clinton has nothing to prove and has paid her dues.

Does she have baggage?

No more and much less than any man choosing to run against her.

Show me a politician with no baggage and I will show you someone no more than 6 years old!


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