Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign

There is no doubt in my mind that Senator Bernie Sanders is an intelligent person.

No doubt in my mind that Senator Bernie Sanders has done his homework and knows what he is talking about and will make the Democratic party talk about the facts.

There also is no doubt in my mind that the media, at least in Florida, will try to crucify Senator Bernie Sanders every chance that that get.

At least this is my daily prayer!

You see, Senator Bernie Sanders is my age and will not get to the age Hillary Clinton is today, if elected until a 2nd term!

Hillary Clinton is younger than ‘Ronald Reagan (age 69 years, 349 days)’.

Senator Bernie Sanders (age 74).

Hillary Clinton (age 67).

Remember also that it still is not clear to the public at what age that President Ronald Reagan first started to have Alzheimer disease?

Six years after finishing his second term as the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a devastating neurological disease that impairs memory, judgment and reasoning.

But the former president’s son, Ron Reagan, says he saw the early signs of Alzheimer’s while his father was still in office.

The Importance of Social Media to Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign

The Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign platform embraces policies that are highly popular with Americans.

But it may be up to grassroots social media to get the word out.

It’s going to be a real grassroots effort… from social media…

Because corporate media is going to be scaring the hell out of everybody about Bernie, calling him a socialist [etc.]…

They are going to try to drown out the very important talking points that Bernie Sanders is going to be talking about. That’s why it’s up to social media.

Mike Papantonio

Sanders’ Candidacy Will Force Conversation on REAL Issues

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2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign

  1. bernie sanders is a hero – well i think so…

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