Lyme Public School Manchester Connecticut

Lyme Public School Manchester Connecticut

Welcome to the Lyme Public School in the City Manchester Connecticut

To my

Aquai (Hello) Aquine (Peace)

I do not use Google chrome and might never do so because I do not feel that I need to have

“Big Brother Google”

looking over everything on my computer just to sell what they can!

I am also not pleased that “Big Brother Google” removed my igoogle site with no a word, just tuff on you, just to try and force me into this  Google chrome!


Google left the igoogle mailer so that they can sell it on line.

So, I hope that you were able to find everything that you were looking for?

If you need more information please write?



Peace to you

If this did not answer your question, please write?

I like it when you write comments.

I love it when you have question.

Hope that this is of some help to you?

If not just write?




 Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox

of the

Mohiigan  People

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