Bear proof containers

Been a little busy for the past few days if didn’t notice?

It would seem that the Paint Shop for central Florida


in Leesburg Florida missed a very important part of our cars damage from the crash caused by their customer!

We found out on our first trip with the car that every once in a while the cooling fan would not come on to cool the car?

I could not wait for All States Paint Shop it needed to be fixed before it destroyed the car!

Anyway not the reason for this post.

$730.01 later, while at our 5 star Chrysler dealer in the waiting room, I was talking to a very nice 85 year old lady about everything and anything when the subject came around to “New Trash Containers!”

She said, “every trash day those new containers are tipped over and trash is everywhere?”

I say, “if or when our government officials do something right we need to reward them because it does not happen all that often.

They gave us new trash containers plus new recycle containers and saved us money to boot.

All we need to do is buy a cheap bicycle lock if in bear areas and problem solved?”

Of course one still must put them out the morning of the pickup and remove the lock?

This in a nut shell is what our Florida wildlife must fight everyday just to survive in Florida!

Her answer, “how many people are going to do that?”

Everyone that gets tired of picking up their trash!

Oh wait, I forgot this is central Florida, one will never notice the added trash!


The frame on the motor assembly cooling fan module is bent from the in-pack of a very heavy iron trailer!

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