Ice cream is delicious. This is disgusting.

Ice cream is delicious. This is disgusting.

Move On member,

From Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream—but today I’m writing about something that leaves a foul taste in my mouth: money in politics.

Jeb Bush has raised so much money that he’s told his billionaire donors to give no more than $1 million now and save the rest for later—and he’s going to let his Super PAC run his campaign.1,2 The billionaire Koch brothers have pledged $100 million to the candidates they support, likely including Governor Scott Walker’s run for president.3,4 While Ted Cruz raised $4 million in a few days, he helped his Super PAC raise $31 million.5 And Hillary Clinton is planning on raising $200-300 million for Super PACs that back her—in addition to $2.5 billion for her own campaign.6

This system is disgusting. It’s proof that our democracy is more awash in political spending than ever. It’s a reminder that the richest 1%, corporations, and their lobbyists are going to own these elections—and that pushes the rest of us to the sidelines.

Fortunately, MoveOn’s 8 million members are doing something about this—and I know, because I’m a MoveOn member, and I see the meaningful, long-term work MoveOn is doing to overturn Citizens United.

Which is why I’m writing today: Will you join me in supporting MoveOn’s efforts to overturn Citizens United and combat its impact? If you donate $10 or more, my friends from MoveOn will send you a stamp that you can use to legally stamp your own dollar bills with this simple message: “Amend the Constitution—Stamp Money Out Of Politics.”

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